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    TALONS: A Festival Celebrating Birds of Prey

    Sunday, September 24th, 2017 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm

    The Hungry Owl Project is proud to present this unique and exciting festival. It will be a fun and educational outdoor event for adults and all the family in the beautiful grounds of the Marin Art & Garden Center. See several different species of Owls and Hawks, have a glass of wine or beer, see local wildlife artists, hear inspiring presentations from guest speakers and meet wildlife organizations. Great local food, wine & beer will be available

    Click HERE for more info.
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    OWLS OF MARIN: Their Life & Behavior

    Friday, February 17th - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

    Owls are creatures of rare beauty and unique biological interest. They play an enormously important role in keeping the balance in nature. Come spend an evening with these creatures with large eyes and silent flight, and learn why they are so magical.

    In this lecture we will learn about the local owls of the Bay Area, their habitats and their hoots. Following the talk we will have a Q&A and the opportunity to meet live owls up close.

    Come learn why the true facts of owls are even more fascinating than their myths!

    Click HERE for tickets.
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    OWL: A Year in the Lives of North American Owls

    Sunday, November 20th - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

    Ornithologist and award-winning photographer Paul Bannick will give us an extraordinary peek into the lives of North American owls. Featuring more than 200 images captured over several years of field work, Bannick’s latest book, “Owl”, is a stunning journey through the lifecycle and varying landscapes that owls inhabit. A gorgeous photographic feast and an engaging natural history lesson, this presentation makes a compelling call to preserve the habitats that sustain these most iconic of birds.

    Click HERE for tickets.
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    TALONS: A Festival Celebrating Birds of Prey - October 2016

    We're pleased to announce Talons 2016! Talons will feature many species of live owls, hawks, eagles and more. Also, keynote speakers, a full featured kids area, wildlife organizations, wildlife artists, food and drink, carnival games and more!

    Our events always sell out. Get your tickets now reserve your spot. Click HERE tickets and info.
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    "Hacking Out" Barn Owls

    Ever wonder what "hacking out" a Barn Owl means? Have you even heard the term? In this quick video, Maggie Rufo, HOP founding member explains as Alex Godbe, HOP Director handles an orphaned Barn Owl about to be hacked out by HOP volunteers.

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    Red Shouldered Hawk Reunite Video

    A Red Shouldered Hawk nest was blown apart in a recent wind storm. Local volunteers, arborist James Reed, WildCare and the Hungry Owl Project combine their efforts to successfully reunite the family in a substitute nest. Watch this video about the story featuring a trip up high in a tree to return the young bird to its parents.

    To learn more about our Raptor Rescue & Reunite program, click HERE.
    To make a tax deductible donation to help us continue our efforts click HERE.

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    The New HOP T-Shirt

    Pick up our new super soft and comfy t-shirt and show your love and support for owls. We have both youth and adult sizes. These make fantastic gifts or even better, grab one for yourself. Free shipping within the continental US! 100% cotton, screen printed and made in the US. Proceeds benefit all of our programs!

    The HOP online merchandise shop is now open:
    Click HERE to see what's available.
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    Thank you Rick Garzoli and Holly Reid!

    Rick & Holly donated a new projector to replace our old trusty projector that finally gave out. Our entire education team thanks you Rick & Holly!

    After many years of trucking our projector around the Greater Bay Area / Napa & Sonoma counties our projector finally went kaput. We're hoping to find a donor to help us replace this integral part of our education program. After considerable research we've selected a model that we think should serve our program well for years to come. This type of donation is tax deductible.

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    All 3 Barn Owl Nest Cams Have Owls

    As of late February, 2015, all 3 of our Barn Owl nest cams have owl occupants and all 3 nests have eggs. Keep an eye on these to see the continued life cycle of nesting Barn Owls for the next several months. The Nicasio cam has both inside and outside views of the nesting box. You can catch activity any time, but they are most active around and in-between dawn and dusk.

    Click HERE to visit our owl cam pages.
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    View Footage of a Barn Owl Making a First Visit to a Box

    This is footage of a the first Barn Owl of the year visiting an owl box in Novato. Now to attract a mate!

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    It's Barn Owl Nesting Season!

    It is now (starting around December) Barn Owl nesting season and it's a good time to be especially considerate of your nesting box. Try not to disturb nesting boxes and keep viewing at a distance (the best times to observe are dawn and dusk - please be quiet, move slowly and stay as far away as possible). We love to hear about any nesting activity you observe, if you see something interesting let us know via email. It helps us plan for the upcoming monitoring season and helps us have a better understanding of the 2015 Barn Owl population. Let us know what, when and where you saw activity at: info@hungryowl.org
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    Howie Fry, Age 13 Donates to HOP

    Howie Fry, age 13, has been a volunteer and supporter of HOP for years. For his 13th birthday this year, he asked his friends for donations to share with HOP. Here he is pictured with HOP Director Alex Godbe, HOP Founding Member Maggie Rufo and HOP Ambassador Screech Owl Buho. Howie you're an inspiration to us! Thank you for the continued support!

    To make a donation in honor of Howie click HERE
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    We're holding a sale on Barn Owl boxes as well as Screech Owl boxes. Screech Boxes are $45 ($5 off the normal price of $50), Barn Owl boxes are $115 ($10 off the normal price of $125) and blemish Barn Owl boxes are $105 ($20 off the normal price of $115). Blemished Barn Owl boxes are fully functional and meet our stiff safety standards, however they have very mild visual blemishes. Prices good until September 15, 2014 or while supplies last.
    Contact us if you're interested in owl boxes.

    Phone: 415-454-4587
    Email: info@hungryowl.org
    Box info: www.hungryowl.org/nesting-boxes.html
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    TALONS: A Festival Celebrating Birds of Prey

    The Hungry Owl Project is proud to present a unique and exciting festival celebrating birds of prey. It will be a fun and affordable, educational outdoor event for all the family in the beautiful grounds of the Marin Art & Garden Center.

    There will be presentations on raptors by well known guest speakers, ongoing demonstrations with many species of live Owls and Hawks (including flight demonstrations), a Kids Corner with a full program throughout the event tailored just for kids, artists, photographers, vendors and additional surprises..

    Taste local wine, enjoy delicious food and have an amazing time at TALONS. Our events always sell out so be sure to get your tickets now.

    Adults: $40 ($45 after Sep 1)
    Kids: $10 (15 and under)
    Under 5: FREE (with adult)

    Click HERE for more info and to get tickets.
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    Summer Fundraiser

    The Hungry Owl Project is in need of funds to help us continue our various programs. We rescue, reunite and foster Owls and Hawks, we work to reduce the use of toxic rodenticides and provide non-toxic alternatives, we have educational programs for schools and communities and much more. Please help us continue our work by making a tax-deductible donation today. Click HERE for more info and to donate.

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    Stories From Our Rescue Season

    2 Barn Owl Chicks from seperate counties fostered together? 3 Red Shouldered Hawk chicks together in a basket? 6 orphaned Barn Owl chicks found in a shipping crate full of hay? Read about these and other stories at our Raptor Rescue and Reunite page by clicking HERE.

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    Introducing Gazeau

    We're excited to introduce you to the newest HOP Ambassador Animal, Gazeau the Great Horned Owl. Gazeau has quite the story and you can read it by clicking HERE.

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    Barn Owl Box Sale

    The Hungry Owl Project has spent over a decade refining its Barn Owl box design, and until the end of February, 2014 they're $10 off (while supplies last). If you've been considering installing Barn Owl boxes at your vineyard, ranch, farm or home, take advantage of this great sale! To find out if your property is suitable for Barn Owl boxes, contact us or visit the link below.

    Email: info@hungryowl.org
    Phone: 415-454-4587

    Click HERE to visit our "Selecting Safe Installation Sites for Barn Owl Boxes" page to help determine if your property is a good spot for Barn Owl boxes.
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    Barn Owl Box Owners: Any Activity This Year?

    Each year we like to get an idea of when and where Barn Owl nesting occurs. This helps us in many different ways. It helps us prepare for our upcoming rescue season, monitoring program, research projects and more. Are you a Barn Owl box owner with a box that has had activity (owls present and or nesting) in 2014 so far ? We would be very grateful if you can take a moment to let us know if you've observed any activity this year, in or around your box. Please do not risk disturbing the owls to check - we recommend observations only occur from a safe distance. Stay as far away from your box as possible, remain as quiet as possible and it can take some patience. Dawn and dusk (or later) are the best times. The type of info we're looking fo: In what city or region is your box located? Have you seen adult owls coming and going? Have you seen or heard juveniles or chicks? How does this compare to prior years in your area?

    Send us an email or give us a ring. Thank you for your help!
    Email: joe@hungryowl.org
    Phone: 415-454-4587

Click HERE to find us on Facebook for more news and updates (and lots of owl photos!).

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