"For owls and our shared environment"


Our mission is to reduce the need for pesticides & rodenticides by encouraging natural predators through conservation of habitat, nesting boxes & education.



Nesting Boxes

From owl boxes to a complete suite of nesting box services, the Hungry Owl Project has you covered. Nesting boxes can be a great addition to a non-toxic pest control program. A single Barn Owl family can consume up to 3,000 rodents in a single 4 month breeding cycle.

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Learn about owls, non-toxic pest control and even meet live owls in person. The Hungry Owl Project does presentations and events, provides a wealth of resources on owls, non-toxic pest control and much more.

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Rescue & Fostering

HOP's Raptor Rescue & Reunite (RRR) program rescues and reunites owls and other raptors. Additionally HOP has a Barn Owl fostering program for orphaned Barn Owls. Learn about the program and how to help.

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The Hungry Owl Project is a much needed and very important initiative. I hope that every bird lover, every nature lover, will support it. Let us ensure that these marvelous birds, with their huge eyes and silent flight will be around to bring magic to the night long after we are gone. Their future lies in our hands.
— Jane Goodall, Ph.D, DBE, FounderThe Jane Goodall Institute
 Photo by: Kristoffer Tripplaar

Photo by: Kristoffer Tripplaar