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2017 - Vol 1

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Cathartes aura: The Purifier
HOP's Turkey Vulture rescue special. We love owls, but we also love Turkey Vultures. Learn about these fascinating creatures and how HOP's Raptor Rescue & Reunite program cares for them.

All About Owl Ears
Owls have amazing hearing. Did you know Barn Owls can hunt in pitch darkness? Find out more facts about owl hearing in this article.

Jim Cairnes: Raptor Rescuer Extraordinare!
Meet Jim Cairnes of Small World Tree Company. An arborist and HOP volunteer. Jim was one of our first volunteer tree climbers and he has some really cool stories to share. Get to know him in our interview.

..and more!

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2016 - Vol 2

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The Nature of Owl Talk
Biology Professor Joe Mueller shares his wonderful insight about owl talk.

Rescue Diaries
Read a wild story about a Great Horned Owl chick that became the talk of an entire neighborhood.

Climbing Trees With HOP
Meet James Reed, arborist and HOP volunteer. When baby owls fall out of nests, HOP's Raptor Rescue & Reunite program tries to reunite them with their families whenever possible. The problem? These nests are often very high in trees. The solution? Tree climbers, such as James Reed. 

..and more!

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2016 - Vol 1

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Caring For Orphaned Barn Owls
Meet HOP's 2016 Hero of the Owls, Rob Jaret and learn about caring for orphaned Barn Owls.

Owl Optics
Learn all about owl eyes!

Rescue Stories
Enjoy a story about Western Screech Owls that had nested right over a busy intersection.

..and more!

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2015 - Vol 1

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IPM Demystified
Ever wonder what IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is? Read this article for a great explanation.

HOP's Education Program
Find out what we have planned and how you can help. 

Talons Recap
Enjoy a recap and photo spread from our big event featuring over 20 species of live owls and hawks!

Also, this issue marks the start of an 8 page newsletter (over 4 pages previously).

..and more!

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2014 - Vol 1

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Gazeau's Journey
Get the full scoop on a young Great Horned Owl's journey to HOP. Not to be missed!

Howie Fry: HOP's 2014 Hero of the Owls
Howie Fry, age 12, is the Hungry Owl Project's 2014 Hero of the Owls. 

..and more!

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2013 - Vol 2

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What are our local owls doing in winter?
Learn about what our local owls are up to during the holiday season.

It's box cleaning season!
October & November are the best months to clean your boxes. Read the article for more info.

..and more!

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2013 - Vol 1

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Summer 2013

HOP Is Moving
Find out about our move, our new aviaries and what we hope to do with the new space.

An Update On The Rodenticide Battle
Information on the ongoing fight to reduce the need for toxic rodenticides.

..and more!

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