Owl Box Monitoring Program


Have HOP help you keep up with your nesting boxes with an annual site visit and full monitoring report as well as a discount on cleaning. Whether your site is a vineyard, HOA, ranch or other larger property that is interested in rodent control or a small private residence who just wants to know how their boxes are doing, the HOP Monitoring Program is for you. Enroll your boxes today!

What's Included?

The Hungry Owl Project monitoring team will visit your owl boxes in the late spring to early summer (depending on what stage the nesting owls are at in your area). We inspect each box with very discrete monitoring equipment and then provide you with a monitoring report.

The monitoring report includes the following info for each box:

  • Occupancy: Whether the box shows any activity, how many owls or other occupants are present, approximate ages of any owls present (eggs, chicks, juveniles, adults)

  • Occupancy Rate: What percentage of your boxes are occupied and how it compares to previous years.

  • Annual Owl Population Update: An update on how the local Barn Owl population is doing each year. Barn Owl populations naturally fluctuate, due to forage available (rodent population), weather and other factors. This paired with your occupancy info will let you know how well your boxes are doing in comparison to the rest of the local population.

  • Is Cleaning Required?: We'll let you know if your boxes require cleaning or not.

  • Recommendations and other info: From changes in nearby trees, to new construction, to nests of predators and pests and everything in between. We'll let you know if there's anything relevant to your boxes and if there is anything that can be done to improve the effectiveness and safety of your nesting boxes.

For current owl box monitoring prices, please see our price list.

We prefer pre-payment by credit card, but can send invoices for businesses. Site visits occur in between late spring and early summer, depending on what stage the nesting owls are at in your area. We will contact you before we visit unless it has been requested that we do not.

Contact us to enroll your boxes or for more info:
info@hungryowl.org - 415-453-1000 x 11

Note: We currently only monitor Hungry Owl Project nesting boxes. If you have other boxes, you are welcome to contact us to discuss if it is possible for us to monitor your boxes.