Owl Box Request Form (Agricultural)

Interested in owning an owl box for agricultural use? This survey will help us determine if your site is appropriate for Barn Owl boxes. We encourage businesses to use Barn Owls as a cost effective and non-toxic means of rodent control. A Barn Owl family can consume up to 3,000 rodents in a four month breeding cycle. Nesting boxes are a win-win scenario for property owners and owls alike!

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Contact person phone number
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Address of property where owl boxes will be mounted
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Do you have mature trees on your property?
Do you have an uncovered pool or body of water on your property?
Are you seeing or hearing owls on your property?
Can you identify their species?
Please check off the habitats that exist within 1/2 mile of where the box will be placed
Do you have rodents?
If yes, what methods of rodent control are you currently using?
Are your neighbors are using rodent control?
Are you willing to commit to not using poison and glue traps, and to ensure that your neighbors do the same? *
Do you have wildlife living in the area?
Boxes need to be cleaned yearly. Will you be able to climb a ladder to clean your boxes every October?
We provide a for-fee monitoring service to check the box for occupancy. Please acknowledge that you agree to receive emails about box monitoring. *
We provide a for-fee cleaning service. Please acknowledge that you agree to receive emails about box cleaning. *
We provide a paid service to find optimal placement of owl boxes on your property. Are you interested in this optional service? *

Rodent Poisons

  • They are unnecessary , counter-productive and dangerous.

  • Baits include ingredients that attract rodents to a location.

  • Poisoned rodents die a slow death, and can also die within the walls of your home.

  • Slow moving poisoned rodents are very easy prey for owls and other predators, including house cats.

Thank You!

We will be back in touch as soon as we have determined the correct nesting boxes for your location.