Owl Cams

Barn Owls - "Salt & Pepper"
Nicasio School, Nicasio, CA

About This Cam

Nicasio's farming and ranchland area is perfect habitat for Barn Owls, who provide valuable, organic pest control to the landowners. This box is on the wall of an elementary school with a camera that feeds into the classroom too. Salt & Pepper (named by the children) have raised several families in this box. The live streams for this box are not always "on air" for viewing - rather, they are most commonly live from the evening to the morning. When it is on you can click "play icon" to start the stream, or click here view on uStream and participate in the chat features. The stream will begin after a brief advertisement. NOTE: It is normal for the parents to no longer stay in the box after the chicks reach a certain age. They will likely roost in trees nearby and will continue to deliver food nightly.


Our owl cams are the combined effort of many volunteers and several organizations. Please help us continue and improve our owl cam program by making a tax-deductible donation!

If you have a nesting box with a camera that is occupied by owls, hawks or other birds and are interested streaming to our website for the enjoyment and education of others, let us know.

The Hungry Owl Project hopes that these cams will be educational and create an awareness and caring for owls and all wildlife. Since Barn Owls are nocturnal, you'll see the most activity after dusk and before dawn.