Price List

We offer a 20% discount on merchandise for current WildCare members. Please consider joining WildCare today. Prices based on Marin County service area, distance charges apply for Bay Area counties outside Marin.

Site Consultations

Hungry Owl Project staff will come to your property and help you determine how many and what type of nesting boxes are appropriate for your property, and identify locations for installations to maximize coverage for rodent control.

Consultations include one hour on site consultation, box delivery, and a detailed report with ideal locations for boxes and installation instructions.

Inside Regional Marin: $200
Outside Regional Marin: $200 plus distance charge based on location.
Phone, email, or online consultation: $60 for initial consultation. $60 for each additional hour.

Nesting Boxes

Prices include tax. Barn Owl and Screech Owl boxes require annual maintenance that must be performed when the boxes are unoccupied. Barn Owl boxes require annual cleaning to remove rodent carcasses, feces and other debris.

Barn Owl Box: $300
Barn Owl Box Kit: $200 assembly and painting required.
Screech Owl Box: $95
Bluebird Box: $35
Bat Box: $60
Plans for any of the above: $30
Delivery: $50 plus distance charge, based on location.

Barn Owl Box Monitoring

The Hungry Owl Project will schedule a visit to monitor your owl boxes April through May. Following our visit, we will provide you with a report detailing occupancy and recommendations for improving box effectiveness. We will contact you in the Fall to arrange for the boxes to be cleaned, inspected and make repairs as needed.

Box Monitoring: $100 per box plus distance charge, based on location.

Owl Box Inspection and Cleaning

Owl Box Cleaning is conducted September through November and is necessary for boxes that were used by owls during the nesting season. Boxes above 12 feet in height or on a steep slope may not be accessible by our staff box cleaners. The cleaning fee includes minor box repairs.

Box Cleaning: $125 per box plus distance charge, based on location.