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The Hungry Owl Project relies on the committed support of our wonderful team of volunteers. All of our programs are primarily operated by volunteers. If you have a passion for owls, raptors, birds, wildlife and or the environment and want to help us continue our mission, please consider volunteering with the Hungry Owl Project!



Box Cleaner

Seasonal Position (Annually Sep-Nov) - Flexible Schedule - Available Now

The Hungry Owl Project is looking for an additional Owl Box Cleaner to add to
our cleaning team. Work outdoors and in beautiful locations! This is an annual job that runs from late September through November. Our box cleaners visit and clean HOP Barn Owl boxes installed throughout Marin County, Sonoma & Napa wine country. Occasional cleaning requests for East Bay and South Bay counties as well. 

$32-67 per owl box cleaned.

Average time to clean 1 box: 1/2 hour, not including travel time.

Optional additional compensation available for locations where
additional box maintenance is needed (such as replacing a hinge or adding a shade panel to the side of a box).

Optional additional work and compensation available if cleaner is able to access and clean boxes that are located at heights greater than 12 feet. 

Position requirements:

  • Cleaner will call owl box owners to arrange cleaning appointments.
  • Schedule is highly flexible, but cleaner must have daytime availability.
  • Must use a personal vehicle that is able to transport a 10-foot orchard ladder.
  • Must be fit enough to carry 10’ ladder on foot, occasionally 1⁄4-mile distances.
  • Comfortable working with hands (scraping out owl box) while standing on ladder, cleaning owl boxes that are located in trees or posts 9-12 feet off the ground.
  • Able to hike through tall grass
  • Good sense of direction and ability to read a map required. 

To apply, contact Kelsie at: info@hungryowl.org



We're looking for committed, outgoing volunteers for our education program that have availability of 4 hours a week or more. Our education program volunteers do educational events for schools, the general public, at environmental fairs etc. We are looking for individuals to learn our material and then speak at presentations. Topics include owl natural history, non-toxic pest control and more.

Required skills:

  • Experience in public speaking
  • At least some raptor knowledge 
  • A flexible schedule is very helpful
  • Experience with handling raptors a plus, but not required
  • Able to assist in events and HOP presentations
  • Able to get to the Marin County area

If interested, please fill out the form below. 

Please share with anyone you think might be interested!


We’re currently planning our big fall raptor festival TALONS: A Festival Celebrating Birds of Prey and need volunteers to help at the event. This is a great way to help a local non-profit and get your foot in the door with the Hungry Owl Project.

We need volunteers who can help during the event including: set-up, break-down and clean-up, tabling, ushering etc.

If interested, please fill out the form below. 

Please share with anyone you think might be interested!


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